cluster variable

Continuous Futures

This post shows an algorithm producing a continuous futures series from separate contracts. Front month and back month futures contracts for Crude Oil WTI (CL) are spliced together to represent price history. (...)

predictive analytics delphi demo update

Predictive Analytics Delphi Demo Update

With recent automation upgrades, we have begun custom, live demonstrations of our technology to qualified firms. (...)

fintech big data predictive analytics

FinTech - Financial Technology Predictive Analytics

As the US economy continues to improve, FinTech firms like Viral Technologies continue to emerge and position for the future. Global acquisitions, investment activity and innovation in financial related services are fueling many FinTech startups here in the US. (...)

investment bank predictive analytics

Investment Bank Predictive Analytics

As the economy improves, investment banks are increasingly seeking out predictive analytics to sort through the economic big data landscape for real opportunity and value. Delphi - our cloud based statistical modeling predictive analytics platform, (...)

retail predictive analytics

Predictive Analytics and Forecasting Solutions for Retail Marketers, Ecommerce Merchants, and the Retail Industry

Whether your company is generating retail predictive analytics with in store data or merchant account credit card processing data for inventory management, customer demographics, or revenue and cash management; (...)

predictive analytics

Merchant Account Predictive Analytics and Credit card processing forecasting

Retail and ecommerce merchants, and their credit card processing merchant accounts-have needed advanced integrated predictive analytics and forecasting tools for years. (...)

airfare machine learning

Airline Big Data and Airline Revenue Forecasting 2015

The use of, and implementation of the insight derived from Machine Learning (computer learning, (AI), artificial intelligence) on public Big Data can make the US Transportation Industry (...)

airfare machine learning

Big Data Airlines Fare Trends Powered By Big Data Airline Machine Learning.

From what we’ve seen, read and interpreted in the last year – there seems to be indications that IT departments at Delta, American Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Jetblue, (...)

Ebola Plane Ticket Prices

A deeper look: Airline Ticket price trends - How did Ebola affect airline revenue?

The last month has brought the Ebola virus to the US and panicked billions of people worldwide. As people are quarantined and new cases are identified around the world, (...)

Average Plane Ticket Prices Trends

Airline Ticket Fare Trends – Thanksgiving Weekend 2014

It is beginning to be that time of year again when people start searching online for the best airline fares and ticket prices for Thanksgiving, and other end of the year holiday travel plans. (...)

Big Data Airline Intelligence

Big Data Airline Intelligence Metrics - Are Airports ahead of the Airlines?

As the US economy is improving, and travel demand is up; the US airline Industry has generally enjoyed a rising tide that has lifted many US based airlines across the sector. (...)

Airline Revenue

Big Data – US Airline Industry Revenue Demand Forecasting

As the US economy is improving, and travel demand is up; the US airline Industry has generally enjoyed a rising tide that has lifted many US based airlines across the sector. (...)

Big Data

Big Data – Transportation Revenue Demand Forecasting

At long last, the acceptance of Big Data in the travel and transportation sectors has begun. Competitive intelligence, consumer intelligence, and Business Intelligence (...)

baltic dry index

The Baltic Dry Index: Signs of a more stable economy?

The Baltic Dry Index, (though not very familiar to investors), is an interesting market indicator that measures global costs of raw material shipments between countries. (...)

Airport Passenger Forecasting

Using Social Media to Predict Airport Passenger Volume

Viral Technologies measured the monthly amount of social media posts which mention the act of flying through each of the international airports listed below. (...)


Fracking with Mine Influenced Water

There has been some recent debate over whether or not mine influenced water can be used in the fracking process instead of using fresh potable ground water. (...)

Cyprus Bailout

Online Reaction to The Recent Bailout in Cyprus

Cyprus is now the fifth country among the 17 countries in the Eurozone who has received financial assistance in the past 3 years. (...)

Chinese Economy

How the Chinese have been Investing

New rules were announced March 1st in China requiring homeowners to pay an additional 20% property tax if they own more than one property. (...)

Indonesian Economy

The Recent Financial Attraction to Indonesia

Investors around the world who are looking for new opportunities and emerging markets should be interested in hearing that Indonesia is growing financially (...)

Gambling Industry

Forecast for Online Gambling Industry Looks Promising

An internal debate on whether or not the gaming industry has an effect on the U.S. economy recently caught the eye of our Intelligence Department at Viral Technologies. (...)

Apple Decline

The Social Side of Apple’s Steep Decline

Apple’s stock has been in decline over the past few months partly due to the undesirable response from the iphone5, released this past September. (...)

Housing Market

Evidence of a Positive Real Estate Recovery

94% of potential home buyers in the U.S. begin their search for a new home online. Because of this, there are numerous distinct correlations between social media mentions (...)

Turkish Investments

A Positive Social Perspective on Turkish Investments

Foreign bonds, which represent globally 60% of the total fixed income investment opportunities, are increasingly being used by American investors (...)

Chinese Gold Rush

Chinese Gold Rush 2013

Recent data published by the Hong Kong government’s Census and Statistics Department, has shown that the amount of gold bullion imported by China in 2012 increased by 94% year on year, (...)

Crude Oil Boom

Crude Oil Boom

With the extension of the US debt ceiling issue until May 2013, in conjunction with investors optimistic feelings toward the U.S. and Chinese markets, (...)

China Coal Industry

China’s Coal Industry Enters New Markets

China's national coal output rose only 4% in 2012, with a growth rate 5% weaker than that of 2011. China's demand for coal has declined over the past year (...)

auto industry in recovery

Car Industry in Recovery

In the past week it has been reported by various media sources that the end of 2012 showed a strong increase in the demand for cars, positively influencing (...)

Unconventional Oil

The Rise of Unconventional Oil

As the technological capabilities of the United States continue to advance, our exploration into unconventional and more efficient ways of extracting oil has similarly expanded. (...)

Milk Money

Milk Money

Milk, cheese and other dairy products are some of the basic foods that form our diet. Recently, the government extended the existing farm bill another year, (...)

Real Estate Market

Real Estate Market Showing Signs of Recovery

The real estate market in the United States has been at an all time low over the past few years. Recently, there have been subtle signs of recovery as we round the corner into the new year of 2013. (...)

Global Capital Markets

Let’s Rally in the New Year!

Over the past 24 hours, Global markets have rallied in response to the agreement made by US lawmakers that helped to avoid a pending fiscal cliff. (...)

Arab Spring

Arab Spring : 2 Years in Review

Throughout 2011 and 2012, there has been a significant rise in democratic ideologies and uprisings which have led to revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa. (...)


The Hype on Fracking

The global energy supply is depleting at a more rapid rate than ever before. Because of this, scientists and political figures have been frantically searching for the best method (...)

fiscal cliff

The Fiscal Cliff

Since last month's Presidential election, the topic of the quickly approaching Fiscal Cliff has been on everyone's mind and people have been expressing their opinions (...)


The FEMEN International Movement

FEMEN, a Ukranian based femenist movement that was established in 2008, recently began attracting more awareness outside the Ukranian border. (...)

Capital Markets

The Social Influence on Capital Markets

Last week, a leading sell-side equity research firm decided to take on an unconventional approach when they evaluated consumer feedback (...)

Syrian Refugees

The Socio-Economic Impact of Syrian Refugees

As the civil war in Syria continues, Viral Technologies devoted a case study to one of the conflict's most human aspects - the Syrian refugees (...)

Israel and Palestine

The Virtual Battlefield

The Egyptian revolution, part of the Middle Eastern Arab Spring, demonstrated to the world the power that social networks have when they are used as tools (...)

Social Intelligence

The Business of Social Intelligence

According to a survey done by Richardon / McCord, 65% of businesses report using social media in their sales efforts. (...)

Competitive Intelligence

5 Reasons Your Firm Should Outsource its Competitive Intelligence Efforts

1. OBJECTIVITY. The people working on the analysis of the data are removed from the company so that any and all of the metrics gathered will be accurate and not (...)

Competitive Advantage

5 Steps to Creating a Competitive Advantage for your Business

Each social network attracts different types of users. It is important to understand your target audience so that you can maximize your company's visibility (...)

Financial Firms

Which Financial Firms Rank the Highest in Social Media Program Effectiveness?

One of the leading competitive intelligence providers for financial institutions, Corporate Insight, announced today the financial firms that are utilizing social media with the greatest effectiveness. (...)

Linkedin Competitive Intelligence

Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn for Competitive Intelligence

LinkedIn has become an invaluable research and monitoring tool for professionals and businesses looking to interact and converse with similarly-positioned companies (...)

Linkedin Competitive Intelligence

War Gaming in the Market Intelligence World

War gaming isn’t just for decorated officers of the military anymore; this predictive strategy is helping businesses everywhere stay a step ahead of their competition (...)