Airline Revenue

Big Data – US Airline Industry Revenue Demand Forecasting

As the US economy is improving, and travel demand is up; the US airline Industry has generally enjoyed a rising tide that has lifted many US based airlines across the sector. (...)

Big Data

Big Data – Transportation Revenue Demand Forecasting

At long last, the acceptance of Big Data in the travel and transportation sectors has begun. Competitive intelligence, consumer intelligence, and Business Intelligence (...)

baltic dry index

The Baltic Dry Index: Signs of a more stable economy?

The Baltic Dry Index, (though not very familiar to investors), is an interesting market indicator that measures global costs of raw material shipments between countries. (...)

Airport Passenger Forecasting

Using Social Media to Predict Airport Passenger Volume

Viral Technologies measured the monthly amount of social media posts which mention the act of flying through each of the international airports listed below. (...)


Fracking with Mine Influenced Water

There has been some recent debate over whether or not mine influenced water can be used in the fracking process instead of using fresh potable ground water. (...)

Cyprus Bailout

Online Reaction to The Recent Bailout in Cyprus

Cyprus is now the fifth country among the 17 countries in the Eurozone who has received financial assistance in the past 3 years. (...)

Chinese Economy

How the Chinese have been Investing

New rules were announced March 1st in China requiring homeowners to pay an additional 20% property tax if they own more than one property. (...)